Betsy is the best!

Betsy is the best! I was such a particular buyer with a lot of questions and concerns. But Betsy was extremely patient and optomistic throughout the entire process. I'm excited to be one step closer to home ownership and that's thanks to NY's best.

Betsy is always willing to go the extra mile.

Betsy was amazing to work with as we searched for our new home in the Bedford / Pound Ridge area. Her knowledge of the area has no bounds and even after purchasing our home has been an indispensable resource in navigating new home ownership.

She is always willing to go the extra mile. She will make sure you are getting your dream home and an investment you can feel good about. We would not have survived buying a home in this crazy market without her and her never ending positivity.

We felt so safe with Betsy running the show.

Betsy's detailed knowledge of the area and the current market activity guided us to get the right home at the right price in a competitive market. We felt so safe with her running the show.

You should call Betsy to sell your home - you will be so happy you did. She is a breath of fresh air

We are working with Betsy now getting our house ready to sell. We want to announce to the world how AMAZING she is. Our friends said ‘call this one, that one’ because those are the ones it seems many use. We wanted someone who was great but didn’t have so much business that we’d be just another sale for them. We wanted to matter.
We heard about Betsy Ronel who is a regarded very highly. She was the most sincere and connected to us genuinely. We talked numbers. We talked art, we talked business. She managed it all with such grace. We went with Betsy.
Betsy knows exactly what sells and why. She knows how to stage so that we don’t have a giant white box like so many others. She is using her vision and her market knowledge to help us get the most equity we can out of our family home of 2 decades.
And on top of being incredibly bright, she’s fun, polite, sophisticated, knows so much about design and architecture and just easy to work with. She’s a great agent!
You should call her to sell your home - you will be so happy you did. Betsy is a breath of fresh air!

Working with Betsy Ronel was incredible.

Working with Betsy Ronel was incredible. While looking for a home in the Bedford, NY area, we came across Betsy's name when we asked around for the top realtors. We were told Betsy has great local expertise. We couldn't be more happy with our decision to go with Betsy. She communicated thoroughly, constantly gave us insight, and truly found the right home for our needs. Betsy is the real estate agent you should go to in today's market. She is exceptional in so many ways. Thank you Betsy!

If you are needing to buy/sell or rent - look no further.

If you are needing to buy/sell or rent - look no further.
We found ourselves needing to move unexpectedly on a very tight deadline, in the dead of winter, mid-school year - with less than a handful of homes available for sale or rent within our school district. We quickly learned that the only thing more wild than being a buyer in this market, is trying to rent! Even in December and January there were multiple offers, well over asking price on the short list of homes available. Panicked that we would have to pull our kids from the schools they adore - we called in Betsy's expertise. It was game-changing.
She painstakingly went through the pros and cons of every option put before us (and as potential first time home owners we needed ALOT of hand-holding). She was attentive, responsive at all hours of the day and night, and never ever made us feel that we were imposing on her. She helped us navigate these very uncertain times with remarkable compassion, professionalism and poise. There were many nail-biting moments, but she was ever calm - and a true partner in every sense of the word. She CARED. It was very obvious that she was in this journey with us heart and soul - and wanted a happy ending for my family...and she made it happen, in just a few week's time. Which in this market - is nothing short of miraculous. We are so beyond grateful for her expertise and perfect execution!!!!!! Thank you - from ALL of us. This community is SO lucky to have you in these uncertain times.

Betsy is a sellers dream.

Betsy is a sellers dream. We followed her on social media. we saw she's so poised and smart that we wanted her to sell our house recently. Not only did she sell it immediately with multiple bids, she guided us on how to stage, where to price and how to market. She explained every step to us so we were involved every step and that was comforting to us. We had a stress free experience with her and refer her to all our friends buying or selling. She's one of the area's best agents.

2 year relationship ended exactly the right way!

My experience with Betsy was amazing, from the very first time we communicated. I am so happy and fortunate to have met and worked with her. She was so dedicated to helping me and my son find a home and location that would work so well for us. She spent so much time, over the year plus as we went through our journey and process trying to find what area, and home felt just right; constantly helping us, from showings to sharing her knowledge on the areas we were focusing on. She cared so much on helping find us our home. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish!!!

Top broker for a reason

Betsy is top in her field very quickly because she listens to her clients and gets them what they want. Whether it is a better price on my home or a quicker transaction time, she always gets the job done! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch realtor in Northern Westchester.

Complicated Deal Done Well in Pound Ridge

We had a very complicated deal on my home. We had an eager buyer and my life became suddenly very complicated. Betsy told me to trust her and not to worry because she knew she could hold the deal together for me. I needed a very extended closing (4 months to be exact). Betsy said her relationship with the agents is key factor in a good deal. She kept the deal together with the other agent and the buyer allowed me the extension I required. I met with several other big names and I chose Betsy because of her energy, enthusiasm and the loyalty felt from her at the first meeting. I felt protected and safe. Betsy got me the number I needed to move, according to my schedule in what could have been a bust deal. Betsy is a very skilled negotiator and connector. When you want to sell your house CALL BETSY.

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